Why So Aggressive?

Facial hair should always be an enhancement on an already amazing foundation. It should be used as a tool for style and expression, not to cover up insecurities.

If you are insecure and not happy with yourself a beard or mustache is just a band aid on a bigger problem.

Therapy is always a good start to self discovery and repair. When you feel great about yourself inside, anything on the outside is elevated.

It seems as though a new men's grooming brand enters the market every week telling you that you're a pussy if you shave. Offended? I hope not. Taken aback just a little? I hope so.

That unnecessary feeling that clicked when you read that is only natural.

More and more beard brands embrace different mottos:

“shaving is for pussies”

“Grave before shave”

“Only real men grow beards”


All basically calling you a sally if you shave. Sorry to any Sally’s who may get offended by that.

This type of marketing blows my mind. Yes facial hair is the most popular it's been in recent decades but 80% of men don't grow burly bushy beards. Most men grow it out due to laziness or they like to keep it short and neat. In a lot of situations men aren't allowed to grow a thick beard or any facial hair at all due to their profession. No matter the reason, most men shave more than occasionally.

So why such aggressive marketing when you're already in a niche market? I guess it makes them feel better to pretend that they're somehow responsible for exceptional hair DNA? Maybe acting like they're more of a man than you, will get you to buy their product? Whatever it is, it's not smart business. Unless that’s what your brand is based on, then enjoy.

Another big problem I have with it is that they further separate themselves from the homosexual market. Now I'm not saying they're doing it on purpose or maliciously, but they're alienating themselves from one of the largest market segments in this industry. I know a great deal of gay men with facial hair and while they don't find that marketing offensive, they are completely turned off by it.

I've asked them why and the answer is simple, most gay men take better care of themselves than straight men. so why would they take advice from a straight guy? Telling them that they're in effect more of a man because of their beard makes them laugh.

They would rather buy from a company that highlights the cosmetic benefits a product line offers.

In conclusion; stop looking at me looking at you, real men shave too.

Now for the informational promotional portion of the editorial.

The modern workplace is becoming increasingly lax and welcoming of facial hair. As the professional world progresses so does the response from the workforce. Large amounts of men rock some form of facial hair to the office or site but keep it neat. Keeping crisp lines and soft skin is required if you want to be taken seriously at work. This requires shaving the neck and cheeks. A straight shave from your barber can't be beat but you most likely don't get one weekly.

The easiest way to maintain your edges yourself is to, wait for the shameless plug,

Get yourself some of our non foaming shave cream.

Seriously though, visit your barber to get cleaned up, get sharp lines, and shave daily with our non foaming shave cream to keep it as close to their line as possible. I would recommend getting your beard edges sharpened once a week and if that's too often then every other week should do you just fine.

Our shave cream is geared specifically to stay transparent throughout the shave so you can follow your lines and see what you're doing.

A little bit goes a long way when used properly.

What's the proper way to use our shave cream?

If you're shaving before the shower then some warm/hot water applied directly to the area in need of shaving will set you up for success. A wet face cloth or towel is perfect to hold the heat against your skin relaxing your follicles and pores. Use whatever level of warm or hot water that you can handle.

Once your skin is relaxed use about nickel size amount of shave cream and rub between your hands or fingertips. Apply to the areas that you're interested in shaving.

Run your razor under the hot water and begin.

If you're shaving after your shower you will repeat the same process, minus the face cloth. Just wipe off your mirror and apply the shave cream and get to it.

Before or after the shower makes no difference, everyone has their own regiment.

Our shave cream will not clog up your 3, 4, or 23 blade razor as residue washes away easily every time you run it under the faucet.

Clean up is easy too, just wipe your face off and apply your favorite after shave and you're ready to go.

So please be the realest man you can be, and fuck what everyone tells you to think. Shaven or unshaven we have what you need to keep your everyday Game Face ready.

  • Sep 21, 2017
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