What's your favorite scent?

What’s your favorite scent?

If you’re a man, chances are you’re either thinking of your current cologne or you simply don’t know. I’ll even venture a guess that your cologne was bought by the woman or man in your life because THEY love the scent.

If you don’t know what your favorite scent is, does it really matter?

Yes It matters; it matters a lot.

Throughout the animal kingdom scents are important in every aspect of survival. Whether it be a way to attract your mate, warn other predators to stay away, or to track down your next meal; one thing is for sure, Scent is very important.

So where does one even start when they want to discover their favorite scent?

I could bombard you with scientific research and findings on the sense of smell, but I won’t. Certain smells can trigger powerful emotions including nostalgia, anger, disgust, happiness, and sadness. It can even cause physical reactions such as nausea or arousal.

Now if you’re one of these people that can’t smell or just doesn’t like scented things then I can’t help you. Well the people who can’t physically smell, you might want to go to your doctor, I’m pretty sure that’s a symptom of something.

If you don’t like scented things on your hands, skin, face, or hair then you haven’t found a scent that you actually like; or you’re just a stubborn, black coffee drinking, non filtered cigarette smoking man who probably hasn’t read this far into the article anyway.

For all of you readers still with me, thank you.

A favorite scent is purely a subjective topic; you like what you like and screw the opinions of others.

You the consumer are pretty lucky these days in the way of choice. There are numerous brands offering different oils with multiple scents, you just have to find them. If they are a Mom and Pop brand then you might want to stock up because you never know when they will disappear from the marketplace.

The popular and established brands will always be there, if you enjoy their product then more power to you.

A lot of you will make your choices based on the scent of the product more so than the ingredients. Most beard oils and balms on the market today are all natural with the benefits of the oils offered differing by brand. Some companies will boast about the purity of their oils and their origins. Other marketing ploys include promoting hair growth, hair health, patchy beard fixes, and a further list of bullshit to wade through. Make sure you educate yourself, ignorance is not bliss.

There will always be some of you who make beard oil at home. Whether it be to save money or to make yourself feel more manly. Bravo, keep on creating.

If you are like most and would rather just purchase ready-made products, then it doesn’t hurt to do a little research beforehand.

I am not a barber and never will be. I’m just a businessman that understands people from all walks of life. I have been involved in many different industries in many different areas, and I learned that we are all the same while we are all different. Now that’s a lot of differents.

The guidance I can provide is this:

Start by figuring out your skin type. You should know by now how your skin acts, if for some reason you don’t you can visit: http://www.geturth.com/skincare101/article_skintype.htm and work it out.

After you have that nailed down, decide what men's grooming brand you’re interested in.

Look to see what the ingredients are and most likely you will find that they are all natural oils. Google the different ingredients to see how they act for skin care as well as hair care.

You might want to stick to the lighter oils that have more skin benefits over hair benefits and this is my reasoning why: I like a lighter oil that soaks into my beard quickly and doesn’t create too much of a shine. It provides a nice scent upfront which will fade off in the next 15-20 minutes. For anyone who gets close enough to my beard, they will be able to smell it. Also any extra oil on my hands will work to moisturize them as it quickly soaks into my skin.

The oils that I use are geared more towards what’s under the beard because let’s face it, the skin is more important than the hair. Pun intended.

Hair is just a collection of dead cells, growing out of a larger collection of living cells. When you say “my beard is itchy” what you’re actually saying is that your face is itchy. Hair doesn’t get itchy, the follicle it grows out of does.

There are many answers to calming the face fire and that will be another article at another time.

Now that you have your skin type and grooming picked out how do you know what scent you will like before actually smelling them?

If you’re shopping at an actual brick and mortar place then it's simple; smell them and whatever one you like, you buy.

If you’re purchasing online, it makes it a bit more difficult to decide on a scent. All you can do is research what the scent is and if it’s something you know then you will be able to smell the memory in your head. If you don’t know what the scent smells like then Google will provide you with endless pages of explanations. I know wikipedia isn’t always honest but I don’t think too many people are on there lying about scents. This will still prove to be difficult because everyone's nose is different. Even if you like the way a scent sounds or is described it doesn’t mean that your nose and brain will actually like it.

I have different scents for different times of the day, settings, and events. For instance, if I need a little extra wake up in the morning I will put my Lime/Tea-tree scent in. It provides a nice kick in the nostrils that there’s a big world out there and it’s time to go get it.

If I am headed out on the town for the night I will apply some Mango/Lavender scent because it reacts nicely with my pheromones and helps me speak to the opposite sex.

I know that I generally like floral and fruity scents over the sharp ones because they smell better on me.

Women are a great reason to base your favorite scents on, but at the end of the day it's still your nose that will smell it the most.

Being a man with a beard that is a foot long and a foot wide I need to stay on top of my skin and hair grooming because skipping just one day can spell disaster. Most of the time I will actually use the unscented version of my products because, well, I’m not here to impress anyone, so get over yourself.

Just kidding, but not really.

I don’t want to become nose blind to my scented products so I save them exclusively for special events or the days where I need something a little extra.

The absolute biggest factor in choosing what scent I put on my face and beard is what I won’t hate smelling when I’m sick. When you are nauseous, any scent can set you off. I don’t have to remind you of how the smallest movement, sound, or smell can set off an attack of the stomach, so why risk it? Think back to the where you might have had too much rum or tequila; makes you cringe right? The same thing will happen if you use the wrong scent while you’re sick. Every time from then on out that you apply the product the old nausea will come flooding back.

You might be saying to yourself “then I will just go without.” Wrong; Everyone suffers if you skip a grooming day. You, your skin, your beard, and your significant other. After all, what’s a commitment if you aren’t able to keep it?

So commit to a brand, commit to a scent, and commit to taking care of yourself.

And remember, when extinguishing the fire on your face, pick a scent you like.

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