Drop the Dropper Bottle

If you can’t tell by the title, I’m not a fan of the dropper top bottles, but why do they seem so popular these days?

It seems as though there is another mens grooming brand popping up every week advertising a dropper top beard oil.

I often run into barbers that ask me if I carry that type of bottle because they think it’s cool or they personally like it.

It is clear to see that it is viewed as the “in” thing to do and have but I will openly admit that I resist it.

Sorry to the bottling companies that may be offended by this but you sell other types of bottles, I hope.

Quick History on the dropper top:

They get their actual name, Pasteur Pipettes from Louis Pasteur, better known for his discovery of Pasteurization. You can thank him for discovering the fermentation process in milk and wine, thus helping defeat Typhoid. He used a wide variety of glass pipettes for his research. They are mostly known for scientific purposes but earlier uses also included using them to fill ink wells for fountain pens. Today they are still used in science and more importantly for basting your turkey around the holidays.

So why don’t I like them and why should you avoid them? Furthermore what are better options for closures on your beard oil bottles?

Sorry Louis but here are some pros and cons and the reasoning behind it all.

Dropper top bottles are a 2 part system, the cap completely separates from the bottle. Normally the top of the cap is the squeezable rubber globe which allows the aspiration of oil into the tube when it is released.

The bottom of the cap is the glass or plastic tube that collects the oil. Most companies seem to have glass stems as they are viewed as better quality and classy.

The plastic tubes are ideal if you are hell bent on using this type of top, they’re sturdy and easy to clean.

The glass stems are brittle and can be broken if you place them down too hard or drop them. Once they snap the cap is useless and becomes a contamination risk if you put the cover back on your oil bottle. You can clean it off and reuse it just as a cover but it’s not recommended. What is left of the glass stem will not aspirate the oil like it should and may be extremely sharp. Also if you do not clean the cap thoroughly you may get small glass shards in your oil, probably not the best thing to put in your beard.

If you choose not to continue to use the broken cap you are left with a closure less bottle of beard oil. Do you really want to dump a little oil into your hands and run the risk of applying too much? Sure you can take some saran wrap and cover it, but how long will that last before you throw it away.

You can always order a new bottle of the same oil and use what you have to refill when the time comes, just make sure you seal the bottle as best as possible.

If you don’t break the stem you still run the risk of knocking the oil bottle over if you’re moving too quickly or being careless.

Again, this is a waste of your time, money, oil, and is infuriating to say the least.

I’m convinced that everyone that stands by the dropper tops either hasn’t spilled a bottle of oil yet or they just like wasting their money.

Lastly, since it is a 2 part system it requires more time to complete the process from start to finish.

You have to take the bottle out, unscrew the cap, make sure you place the bottle on a level surface, pull the cap up a little to see how much oil you have sucked into the stem, pull it out of the bottle slowly, then apply to your beard or hands without dripping and wasting.

After that you have to make sure that you put cover back on with care so that you don’t spill or break the stem.

With so many negatives about it how can there be any positives?

There is 1 that I can think of, Hipsters think they’re great. There may be some non Hipsters that like them as well but they are few and far between.

The only other real positive for them is that if you are a hobby scientist then you will have extra tools laying around to run some home experiments.

So if not the dropper top what should you use?

A spray top or fine mist spray top.

Just so happens that all of our oils at Game Face Grooming have the highest quality spray caps.

So easy to use you can even apply while you’re driving. Don’t worry, it won’t spill even if you have to throw the bottle down in an instant when you’re about to rear end the guy in front of you because you’re applying beard products while you’re driving.

Spray tops are the most efficient way to get every molecule worth of oil in the bottle.

It’s as easy as taking the clear cover off the top and squirting the oil directly into your beard or on your hands which you then apply to your beard.

You can throw it in your pocket or backpack and never have to worry about a leak or anything piercing the rubber globe of the dropper at the top which would create a chance for the contents to leak.

You don’t even need the clear plastic cover over the spray head, that is there just to safeguard the spray mechanism from being accidentally engaged.

So drop the dropper top and grab a spray top today and you will never yell at yourself in a foggy mirror again.

  • Jun 01, 2018
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